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Overview of matching

This section describes the overview on matching a real image and a star chart using the PIXY system [1].

Matching is to collate an image and a chart, then determine where the image corresponds to on the chart precisely. Definitely the user at first input the approximate position and the approximate view width of the image to the system. The current system requires that the input position is surely some point on the image and the true view width is between half and twice of the input value. Then the system returns the precise R.A. and Decl. of the center, the precise view width, and the position angle of the up direction of the image (north is 0 deg, east is 90 deg).

This article shows you the current work of matching in the PIXY system and some experimental results with real images. I do not describe the technical details of matching process. Please see [2] for more information.

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