MISAO Project

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Expected results

The MISAO project enables to make the most of information buried in images. Furthermore, in addition to the problems and solutions at the four cases described in the previous section, it is expected to bring various effects such as:

  • Any images, such as those which some has taken arbitrarily without purpose, can be utilized by examining with the software or registering to the database. Only taking some images to kill time can be a part of sky survey and may bring discovery of new objects. Therefore more people are expected to get interested in surver.
  • The world wide collaboration brings very wide sky survey in space and time and in methods for observations, which is hard to do at only one observatory indivisually.
  • An object which required observations for a long period, such as variable stars, also can be the target.
  • Anyone, including children, can check and see what kind of astronomical objects are in their own image. It brings educational and enlightening effects. The users can feel expectation that some new objects may buried in their any images and they can discover the objects, and they can also feel the sense of solidarity in the sky survey by registering their own images to the database.

In the near future, the network generation comes. Then enormous images produced with CCD cameras become shared globally on the network. Under such a situation, discovery and traking of astronomical objects also becomes as a world wide collaboration naturally. This project gropes for how the sky survey should be in the near future.

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