MISAO Project

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The MISAO project aims to make the most of images taken all over the world and much information buried in the images, considering the problems and solutions discussed in the previous section.

The goal of the MISAO project is to construct an environment on networks for a global collaboration of sky survey. Here the word suever is not limited to discovery of new objects, but also includes following observations of remarkable objects and watchin whether some change happens.

Definitely, it aims at the two points:

  1. constructing of a world wide images database
  2. serving a software for image examination

The 1. database should be an inter-database network, connnecting existing databases at observatories, etc. Many personal photographers do not have their own database, so the system gathers the images and preserves. However, the database is still under conception and not described in detail in this article.

The 2. software is now being implemented. Experiments and improvements are repeated. This article describes about the software in detail in the latter part.

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