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    XML and the PIXY System    

This page introduces the XML (Extensible Markup Language) used in the PIXY System 2.

The document type is defined using the RELAX. The class files to access the XML file are automatically generated by the Relaxer from the RELAX definition.

o Use cases

o RELAX definition

API of the class files generated by Relaxer
(net.aerith.misao.xml.relaxer package)

o Image examination result of the PIXY System 2

You can review the window below when you download the sample image and open the sample XML file in the Review mode of the PIXY System 2.

  • sample.fts
    The sample image is taken by KenIchi Kadota.

Zoom In

o Instructions for batch operation of the PIXY System 2

o Image information database

o Catalog database for identification

o Magnitude database

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