Package net.aerith.misao.util

Interface Summary
Coordinates The Coordinates is an interface with accessor methods to R.A.
MagnitudeFormula The MagnitudeFormula represents a formula to calculate the magnitude of a comet or an asteroid.
Monitor The Monitor is an interface with a function to show messages continuously given to this object.
MultiTaskConductor The MultiTaskConductor represents a conductor of multi task operation on several objects.
OperationObserver The OperationObserver is an interface which represents an observer of progress of an operation.
Statisticable The Statisticable is an interface which has data accessor methods needed to calculate statistics of data.
StringOutputtable The StringOutputtable is an interface which supports the method getOutputString.

Class Summary
AdjoiningPixel The AdjoiningPixel represents a set of pixels on an image.
Array The Array represents an array of data values with a funciton to sort.
ArrayIndex The ArrayIndex
AsteroidalMagnitudeFormula The AsteroidalMagnitudeFormula represents a formula to calculate the magnitude of an asteroid.
AsteroidalOrbit The AsteroidalOrbit represents a set of orbital elements of an asteroid.
Astro The Astro is a class which consists of constant values and static methods related to astronomy.
AstrometricError The AstrometricError represents the error of astrometry, both of R.A.
AstrometrySetting The AstrometrySetting represents a set of reference catalog name and equinox, epoch, etc.
ChartMapFunction The ChartMapFunction represents functions to convert (x,y) position to R.A.
CircumArea The CircumArea represents a circumscribed area around the specified circle on the celestial sphere, which consists of the maximum and minimum value of R.A.
CometaryMagnitudeFormula The CometaryMagnitudeFormula represents a formula to calculate the magnitude of a comet.
CometaryOrbit The CometaryOrbit represents a set of orbital elements of a comet.
ConstellationTable The ConstellationTable is a class with functions to convert between constellation names, codes and the number.
Coor The Coor represents a set of R.A.
Cubics The Cubics represents a cubic function of x and y.
DefaultOperationObserver The DefaultOperationObserver represents an observer of several tasks in one operation, which remembers the succeeded and failed tasks.
Designation The Designation represents a designation of an asteroid, comet or satellite.
DistortionField The DistortionField represents distortion of (x,y) positions by cubic function.
EphemerisRecord The EphemerisRecord represents a set of parameters of the ephemeris, such as R.A.
Format The Format is a static class with static methods to convert number into string in proper format, and methods to convert string into number.
Graph The Graph represents a graph which consists of some nodes and branches connecting the nodes.
HighOrderStatistics The HighOrderStatistics represents statistics such as the median value, which are not obtained in order O(n).
Histogram The Histogram represents a histogram of the specified statisticable buffer.
JulianDay The JulianDay represents a Julian Day.
KeyAndValue The KeyAndValue represents a set of a key and the value.
MagnitudeAdjustment The MagnitudeAdjustment represents a formula to convert magnitude of a star in the first list to that of a star in the second list based on a cubic function.
MagnitudeSystem The MagnitudeSystem represents a set of translation formula between magnitude systems.
MagnitudeTranslationFormula The MagnitudeTranslationFormula represents a formula to convert pixel value into magnitude.
MapFunction The MapFunction represents a function to convert (x,y) position into (x',y') on another system.
MeanStarImageRadius The MeanStarImageRadius represents the mean radius of the star images.
MonitorSet The MonitorSet represents a set of Monitor.
MpcFormatRecord The MpcFormatRecord represents an astrometric data record in the MPC format.
MultiTaskOperation The MultiTaskOperation represents a multi task operation on several objects.
Operation The Operation represents an operation to be run as a thread.
OperationObservable The OperationObservable represents an object with an operation whose progress is observable.
Orbit The Orbit represents a set of orbital elements and magnitude formulas.
Pair The Pair represents a pair of two Positions.
PhotometricError The PhotometricError represents the error of photometry.
PhotometrySetting The PhotometrySetting represents a set of magnitude system formula and reference catalog name.
Pixel The Pixel represents a pixel on an image.
Position The Position represents a position which consists of (x,y) position.
PositionList The PositionList represents a list of Position.
PositionMap The PositionMap represents a rectangular map of Positions which consists of a list of (x,y) data and the two Positions at corners of the map area.
PrintStreamMonitor The ProintStreamMonitor is a Monitor to output messages to the specified PrintStream.
Quadrics The Quadrics represents a quadric function of x and y.
RegressionEquation The RegressionEquation represents a regression equation:
SightScope The SightScope represents a sight scope which consists of the base position angle and the range of the scope.
SimultaneousEquation The SimultaneousEquation represents a simultaneous equation.
Size The Size represents a size which consists of width and height.
SortableArray The SortableArray represents a virtual array of data values with a function to sort data.
StarPair The StarPair represents a pair of two Stars.
Statistics The Statistics represents statistics such as the minimum value, maximum value, average, etc., which are obtained in order O(n).
StreamSkipTimer The StreamSkipTimer is a class to skip some bytes for the specified input stream or reader within the specified time.
StringArray The StringArray represents an array of string data with a funciton to sort.
Triangle The Triangle represents a triangle which consists of three Positions.
TriangleMatchingSolver The TriangleMatchingSolver is a class to solve matching between two lists of (x,y) positions, based on the triangles pattern matching.
URLSet The URLSet represents a set of URLs.
VsnetRecord The VsnetRecord represents a magnitude data record in the VSNET format.
VsoljDate The VsoljDate represents a date and time of observation to report to VSOLJ (Variable Star Observers League in Japan).
VsoljRecord The VsnetRecord represents a magnitude data record in the VSOLJ format.
Xyz The Xyz represents a set of (x,y,z).

Exception Summary
DuplicatedException The DuplicatedException is an exception thrown if someting is duplicated.
ExpiredException The ExpiredException is an exception thrown if something is already expired.
MatchingFailedException The MatchingFailedException is an exception thrown if the matching process is failed.
MaximumRepetitionCountException The MaximumRepetitionCountException is an exception thrown if the repetition count reaches to the limit in a loop.
NoDataException The NoDataException is an exception thrown if there is no data.
OutOfBoundsException The OutOfBoundsException is an exception thrown if the specified index is out of the proper range.
QueryFailException The QueryFailException is an exception thrown if a query to the server failed.
TooFewStarsException The TooFewStarsException is an exception thrown if the specified field is too large.
TooLargeFieldException The TooLargeFieldException is an exception thrown if the specified field is too large.
UnsupportedMagnitudeSystemException The UnsupportedMagnitudeSystemException is an exception thrown if the specified magnitude system is not supported by the catalog, or no magnitude data is recorded in the catalog for the star object.