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MPChecker: Minor Planet Checker

For example, let's see you find a 14-mag new star at R.A. 04h20m39s.06, Decl. +53o01'08".6, on your image taken at 14:52 on November 23, 2003 (UT).

Input the required parameters.

First, change the time into decimal number of day as ( (52 / 60) + 14) / 24 = 0.62. So, input "2003", "11" and "23.62" in the three boxes. Note that the date must be accurate in 0.01 days order because the motion of an asteroid is fast.
Input the R.A. Here input as "04 20 39.06".
Input the Decl. Here input as "+53 01 08.6".
planets and irregular outer satellites
Planets and satellites will not be displayed by default. In order to display them, select "Include planets and irregular outer satellites".

Push the "Produce list" button, and the search result will be displayed.

In this case, an asteroid (1241) Dysona is displayed. The new star you found is revealed to be this asteroid based on the brightness (V) and position offset (Offsets).

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