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    Bistar Survey    

The Bistar Suevey is a wide field survey with ordinary camera lens and a CCD camera, operated by KenIchi Kadota and Seiichi Yoshida.

The survey runs at Hanadateyama Observatory, Japan, called "Bistar".

Operators and Instruments Seiichi Yoshida (left), KenIchi Kadota (right) and the instruments

o     Main Purposes    

  • Discover new celestial objects using the PIXY system and shows the ability of the software.
  • Take various kinds of images, with various focal lengths, under various condition such as moonlight, morning glow, etc., in order to improve the PIXY system so that it can examines any images.
  • Set up an efficient survey style by investigating a limiting magnitude based on the size of field of fiew, etc.

o     Instruments    

CCD camera MUTOH Enterprises Ltd. CV-16

CV-16 CV-16 with a camera lens. The mount is made by Koheisha.

Lens Nikkor (MF type)

Focal length and F valueField of view in deg
35mmF221 x 14
58mmF1.213 x 9.0
85mmF29.2 x 6.1
180mmF2.84.3 x 2.9
300mmF2.82.6 x 1.7

Filter Infrared block filter made by Koheisha, R60
Mount Takahashi 90S

90S Mount Takahashi 90S mount loading our observing instruments. A 300-mm lens for confirmation and a camera for film photography are also loaded.

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