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* Profile

At the discovery, it had been already discovered as an asteroid 1992 YF5, about 1 year before discovered as a comet in 1993. It had been bright as 17 mag for about 2 years before the perihelion passage in 1994 September. However, the final observation was in 1995 February just after the perihelion passage. It had never been observed after that in spite of the good condition. It was so faint as 21 mag at the final observation, although it was nuclear magnitude.

In the next apparition in 2008, it had been recovered about 3 years before the perihelion passage, then it was already bright as 18 mag. It was observed bright as 16.5-17 mag around one year and a half before the perihelion passage (late 2006 to early 2007). However, it was observed so faint as around 19 mag in 2007 autumn when only half a year prior to the perihelion passage.

The abnormal light curves in 1994 and 2008 apparitions coincide very well. Therefore, this comet may tend to fade out before the perihelion passage, with a strongly asymmetric light curve to the perihelion, although it is a very distant comet with a perihelion distance of 4.2 A.U.

* Returns and Appearances

!Discovered *Appeared -Not observed #Appeared before discovery +Not observed before discovery .Returns in the future
2035 Aug. 29
* 173P
2021 Dec. 16
* 173P/2005 T1
2008 May 18
! 173P/1993 W1
1994 Sept.12


The perihelion dates in the past appearances are printed on Catalog of Cometary Orbits 1996.
The past and future orbital elements calculated by Kazuo Kinoshita (http://www9.ocn.ne.jp/~comet/pcmtn/0173p.htm).


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