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Updated on May 6, 2014


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* 2014 May 3 (9 comets)

I observed 9 comets visually on May 3 in Kita-karuizawa, Gunma, Japan.

The weather kept fine with no clouds all night. But the transparency was not excellent.

I could not observe C/2013 V1 and C/2013 Y2 because they were overlapping on 13-mag stars.

C/2012 F3 ( PanSTARRS )

13.3 mag   Dia. 1.0'   DC 3   (40.0-cm reflector 144x)

Faint and hard to see.

C/2012 K1 ( PanSTARRS )

9.0 mag   Dia. 8'   DC 7   (40.0-cm reflector 36x)

Very strongly condensed, and very bright. I enjoyed the rendezvous with Whirlpool Galaxy M51.

C/2012 X1 ( LINEAR )

7.9 mag   Dia. 5'   DC 5   (40.0-cm reflector 36x)

Bright, large, and easy to see.

C/2013 R1 ( Lovejoy )

11.3 mag   Dia. 2.0'   DC 3   (40.0-cm reflector 75x)

Very diffuse. But it looks large and easy to see.

C/2014 E2 ( Jacques )

8.0 mag   Dia. 6'   DC 4   (40.0-cm reflector 36x)

Bright, moderately condensed, and easy to see.

29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1

13.0 mag   DC 9   (40.0-cm reflector 257x)

I read the new outburst report up to 13 mag on May 2 at comets-ml, and I tried to observe it. Completely stellar. There are many 13-mag stars around the comet.


12.6 mag   Dia. 1.1'   DC 4   (40.0-cm reflector 144x)

Unexpectedly bright and easy to see.


fainter than 14.3 mag   (40.0-cm reflector 257x)

It is predicted to be 11 mag at the end of this month. But it was not visible.


fainter than 13.1 mag   Dia. 0.7'   (40.0-cm reflector 257x)

Not visible.


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