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* 2016 Jan. 9 (9 comets)

I observed 9 comets visually on Jan. 9 in Mt. Hanadate, Ibaraki, Japan.

The weather was completely fine with no clouds in the evening and in the morning. But it was cloudy around mid night, with slight snow. The sky was not so clear. I could not see the Milky Way.

In the morning eastern sky, Venus and Saturn encounters very close.

I also tried to observe 22P and 10P. But 22P was not visible due to the bright background low sky. 10P was not visible because too close to 12-mag and 13-mag stars.

C/2013 US10 ( Catalina )

7.0 mag   Dia. 11'   DC 6   Tail 24' (p.a. 185 deg)   (40.0-cm reflector 36x)

6.4 mag   Dia. 17'   DC 6   (10x70 monocular)

Very bright and large. It looks fan shaped.

C/2013 X1 ( PanSTARRS )

8.6 mag   Dia. 7'   DC 6   (40.0-cm reflector 36x)

Very bright and large.

C/2014 S2 ( PanSTARRS )

10.0 mag   Dia. 2.5'   DC 7   (40.0-cm reflector 75x)

Sharp central condensation. It looks small, probably because it located near by a 7-mag star.

C/2014 W2 ( PanSTARRS )

12.4 mag   Dia. 0.9'   DC 3-4   (40.0-cm reflector 144x)

More difficult to see than expected.

C/2014 W11 ( PanSTARRS )

fainter than 14.0 mag   Dia. 0.5'   (40.0-cm reflector 257x)

Not visible.

C/2015 X8 ( NEOWISE )

12.7 mag   Dia. 1.3'   DC 0   (40.0-cm reflector 144x)

Completely diffuse with no central condensation.

116P/Wild 4

13.3 mag   Dia. 0.7'   DC 3   (40.0-cm reflector 257x)

Also visible with 144x magnification.


13.9 mag   Dia. 0.6'   DC 4   (40.0-cm reflector 257x)

I could see it in a very short time because clouds covered the sky.


fainter than 13.0 mag   Dia. 0.4'   (40.0-cm reflector 257x)

Not visible.


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