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In this article I described the interim report on matching an image and a star chart using the PIXY system.

As a result of some experiments, it was cleared up that the matching method in the PIXY system is valid for various cometary images. Even if a comet occupies fair part of the image, if stars are trailed because of tracing the moving comet, or if the background brightness is much different depending on the position, the system succeeded to match them with a star catalog. That implies the matching method in the PIXY system has a flexibility for various images.

The reason of the two failed examples is the field flattening cannot be applied in these cases because of the background incline. However, matching also failed for some CCD images, in which the background is flat, because few stars were detected. So I will improve the process of star detection so that the system successes to match more images. I will also work on another problem: when the photographer forgets where the image corresponds on the celestial map, the system finds it out.

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