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Image composition

Finally I show you an applicative example of matching in the PIXY system.

The precise position of the center, precise view width and the position angle of up direction, the PIXY system outputs, are useful in order to compound two images of roughly same area, or something like that. Image composition generally requires some constraints: the images must be taken with an instrument, or the view width and position angle must coincide. However, in the method utilizing the output of the PIXY system, the two images require only one thing, each must be matched with a star catalog respectively. The various conditions such as the instrument, limiting magnitude, view width, position angle, etc., can differ each other. The positions of both images can also differ. It does not matter if the images hardly overlaps. Furthermore, the method also enables to put a real image on a star chart properly.

Here I show you an example. The two Nova Cas 1995 images ( Nova1995Cas-1.gif , Nova1995Cas-2.gif ) are compounded and the result image is put on a chart of the Tycho Catalog properly.

To compare with, I show you the star chart of the same area.

In this method, it is also easy to obtain difference between two images or make a blinking display.

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