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In this article, I describe about the MISAO project and the PIXY system, which is being implemented now as part of the project. First of all, I show that most information in images are lost without use now and introduce the MISAO project as a solution of the problems. Then I describe the overview of the PIXY system, which examines an image and compares it to a catalog. Finally I mention the current progress of the system and show the experimental result with a real picture of Nova Cas 1995.

As I have mentioned before, it takes some more time to publish the PIXY system. But the progress of the works of the MISAO project, including the PIXY system, will be announced in my home page. The prototype of the PIXY system will be also put in the home page. In addition, other experiments such as the behaviour of matching in various methods, or the difference of a flatfield function between various kinds of images, are also reported in the home page.

The MISAO project is run by only me now. If you have some interest in the project, please make a contact to me. After the PIXY is completed, I hope many people use it and examine the system.

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