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In this article I introduced an application using HORB in database astronomy, the PIXY system in the MISAO project. I emphasized the importance of network environment in this field and the merits of my system implemented in Java using HORB.

As I described at first, database astronomy depends on enormous images. It implies that it is impossible to gather all images at one site. In addition, the owners of the images, individual amateur photographers or professional survey groups, tend to consider their images as their own properties. So the enormous images will keep remained scattering all over the world still in the future. In this viewpoint, network programming is indispensable for database astronomy.

I believe in the future the owners will make their own reduction software and put their data obtained from their images in the public. Or at least they will make their images accessible via WWW, so some will analyze them. Because of the popularization of WWW and Java, the scattering database of astronomy will not be so heterogeneous.

In such a world, global network system for management of all data obtained at every site is required. The final goal of my project is to complete the global system. I believe Java and HORB will help to make such a big system much more easily.

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