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It searches data around the input (x,y) in the PXF file.

o Execution

When using Windows95, open DOS Prompt and type:
    java misao.app.FindDataAroundXY
If JRE(Java Runtime Environment) is installed, the directory where the package is unpacked must be set by an option -cp (the example is in case the package is unpacked at C:\).
    java -cp C:\ misao.app.FindDataAroundXY
Then the following messages are output, so input the filename of the PXF file to be searched.
Output data around (x,y).
PXF file: 
Continuously, input the (x,y) position following the message:
Output data around (x,y).
PXF file: 
After that, the R.A. and Decl. of the input (x,y) position is output at first. Then all data within 3 pixels from the input (x,y) position in the PXF file are output.

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