Class XmlPositionRecord


public class XmlPositionRecord
extends XmlPositionRecord

The XmlPositionRecord is an application side implementation of the class that the relaxer generated automatically.

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Fields inherited from class net.aerith.misao.xml.relaxer.XmlPositionRecord
area, astrometricError, catalog, coor, date, equinox, imageXmlPath, instruments, mag, name, observer, parentRNode, pixelsFromEdge, pixelSize, position, rContext
Constructor Summary
          Construct an XmlPositionRecord.
XmlPositionRecord(XmlInformation info, XmlStar star)
          Construct an XmlPositionRecord of the specified star.
Methods inherited from class net.aerith.misao.xml.relaxer.XmlPositionRecord
getArea, getAstrometricError, getCatalog, getCoor, getDate, getEquinox, getImageXmlPath, getInstruments, getMag, getName, getObserver, getParentRNode, getPixelsFromEdge, getPixelSize, getPosition, getRContext, getRContextResolved, getRNodes, init, isMatch, isMatch, isMatchHungry, makeElement, setArea, setAstrometricError, setCatalog, setCoor, setDate, setEquinox, setImageXmlPath, setInstruments, setMag, setName, setObserver, setParentRNode, setPixelsFromEdge, setPixelSize, setPosition, setRContext, setup, setup, setup
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Constructor Detail


public XmlPositionRecord()
Construct an XmlPositionRecord.


public XmlPositionRecord(XmlInformation info,
                         XmlStar star)
                  throws DocumentIncompleteException,
Construct an XmlPositionRecord of the specified star.
info - the image information.
star - the XML star element.
DocumentIncompleteException - if some required data in the specified image information is not recorded.
NoDataException - if the position is not recorded.