Package net.aerith.misao.toolkit.AgentDesktop

Class Summary
AgentBatchExaminationInternalFrame The AgentBatchExaminationInternalFrame represents a frame to select image files, edit the batch XML file for examination, and operate the image examination on the selected images, using the agent.
AgentBatchExaminationOperation The AgentBatchExaminationOperation represents a batch operation of image examination on the selected images using the agent.
AgentCommonSettingDialog The AgentCommonSettingDialog represents a dialog to configure the common setting for operation using the agent.
AgentDesktop The AgentDesktop represents a desktop for operation using an agent.
AgentHtmlImageGalleryInternalFrame The AgentHtmlImageGalleryInternalFrame represents a frame which shows the images and XML files, and the progress to create HTML image gallery, using the agent.
AgentHtmlImageGalleryOperation The AgentHtmlImageGalleryOperation represents an operation to create HTML image gallery using the agent.
AgentNewStarSearchInternalFrame The AgentNewStarSearchInternalFrame represents a frame to select XML report documents to search new stars using the agent.
AgentNewStarSearchOperation The AgentNewStarSearchOperation represents a batch operation to search new stars from XML report documents using the agent.