Package net.aerith.misao.pixy

Interface Summary
Kernel The Agent is an interface of kernel to run the PIXY System 2.

Class Summary
Agent The Agent is an interface of agent to operate image examination in a specific situation with peculiar rules and styles.
ExaminationOperator The ExaminationOperator is a class to operate the whole process of image examination.
InteractiveCatalogReader The InteractiveCatalogReader represents a catalog reader, which will show a dialog message and wait until the required CD-ROM is set properly.
Main The Main is a class to run the PIXY System in the command line mode.
PluginLoader The PluginLoader is a plug-in class loader.
Properties The Properties consists of accessor methods to the system properties on the PIXY System.
Resource The Resource consists of string messages and HTML messages for the PIXY system.
ThumbnailImageCreater The ThumbnailImageCreater is a class to create the thumbnail image objects or image files based on the specified list of XML magnitude records.
VariabilityChecker The VariabilityChecker is a class to check if the magnitude data of a star in the specified database folder shows the variability or not.

Exception Summary
ExaminationFailedException The ExaminationFailedException is an exception thrown if the examination process is failed.