Class LevelAdjustmentDialog.AdjustCommanderThread

Enclosing class:

protected class LevelAdjustmentDialog.AdjustCommanderThread
extends java.lang.Thread

The AdjustCommanderThread is a thread to control the adjust command to the target.

Because creating java.awt.Image is heavy, this thread restricts the adjust command twice in one second at most. As a result, the slider control becomes light weight.

Field Summary
private  double last_maximum
          The last maximum pixel value.
private  double last_minimum
          The last minimum pixel value.
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Constructor Summary
protected LevelAdjustmentDialog.AdjustCommanderThread()
Method Summary
 void reset()
          Sets the last minimum and maximum pixel value as same as the dialog member fields.
 void run()
          Runs this thread.
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Field Detail


private double last_minimum
The last minimum pixel value.


private double last_maximum
The last maximum pixel value.
Constructor Detail


protected LevelAdjustmentDialog.AdjustCommanderThread()
Method Detail


public void reset()
Sets the last minimum and maximum pixel value as same as the dialog member fields.


public void run()
Runs this thread.
run in class java.lang.Thread