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= USNO-A2.0 1200.14507707  20h07m40s.005 +36o17'18".33  Mag(R):14.1  M

Digitized Sky Survey GIF image (15 x 15 arcmin)


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* Discovery Information

Seiichi Yoshida, MISAO Project; Ken-ichi Kadota, Ageo, Saitama, Japan; and Kazuhiro Nakajima, Mie, Japan, discovered a new variable star MisV1351.

It was picked up by Seiichi Yoshida from the candidates of new variable stars detected by the PIXY system 2 from images taken by Ken-ichi Kadota for eclipsing variable survey around Nova Cyg 2001 No.1 = V2274 Cyg in 2003 July.

Although the variation in 2003 July was very small and somewhat doubtful, Kazuhiro Nakajima operated time series photometry on 164 nights during three years and detected its eclipse twice. Then MisV1351 was confirmed to be a new Algol-type eclipsing variable.

Only two eclipsing events were detected on 164 nights during three years. So the period is still uncertain. The eclipse of MisV1351 must be very rare. Further observations are in progress.

* Special Notes

An Algol-type eclipsing variable. However, only two eclipsing events were detected on 164 nights during three years by Kazuhiro Nakajima. So the eclipse of MisV1351 must be very rare.

Sebastian Otero researched the NSVS 8483544 and NSVS 8463372 data. But these NSVS stars are not MisV1351, about 1 arcmin north and south of MisV1351. Although a possible period of 3.69764 days was derrived based on the NSVS data, it must be false due to the erroneous data. Sebastian Otero pointed that MisV1351 was not measured by the TASS.

Sebastian Otero pointed out that the 2MASS color is J-K = 0.91, very red. If MisV1351 is a long period eclipser, it is probably an EA/GS system.

* Light Curve

* Observations by MISAO Project

2001 July 17.7261212.88CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 July 17.7271512.83CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 July 17.7280613.05CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 July 17.7290012.96CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 July 17.7314613.02CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 July 17.7327712.84CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 July 17.7342212.84CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 July 17.7352912.79CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 July 17.7373712.77CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 July 17.7385612.84CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 July 17.7392512.84CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 July 21.6703912.84CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 July 21.6722812.77CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 July 21.6727912.88CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 July 21.6733212.95CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 July 21.6740212.90CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 July 21.6744813.00CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 July 21.6750113.03CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 Aug. 3.6140412.87CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 Aug. 3.6149512.87CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 Aug. 3.6156312.96CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 Aug. 3.6168312.98CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 Oct. 13.5011712.90CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 Oct. 13.5038712.83CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 Oct. 13.5050212.85CKen-ichi Kadota
2001 Oct. 13.5062012.89CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6801913.12CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6809513.11CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6817413.09CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6825113.14CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6832913.20CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6840713.14CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6848613.19CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6856313.14CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6864013.10CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6871813.15CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6879613.11CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6887413.04CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6895313.11CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6903113.15CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6910913.02CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6918813.14CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6926513.16CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6934313.13CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6942013.13CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6949913.17CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6957613.24CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6965413.19CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6973313.19CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6981013.18CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6988813.22CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.6996513.05CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.7004413.06CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.7012213.09CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.7019913.10CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.7259313.36CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.7267113.43CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.7274913.28CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.7282613.35CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.7290513.52CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.7298313.45CKen-ichi Kadota
2003 Apr. 19.7322313.44CKen-ichi Kadota
2009 Nov. 14.4874914.3VTsutomu Fujiwara
2009 Nov. 14.4925713.1RcTsutomu Fujiwara
2009 Nov. 28.4306114.3VTsutomu Fujiwara
2009 Nov. 28.4369213.2RcTsutomu Fujiwara
2009 Dec. 5.4584114.3VTsutomu Fujiwara
2009 Dec. 5.4633913.1RcTsutomu Fujiwara

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