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* Profile

MisV1317 = V882 Per

= GSC 3709-00849  03h03m53s.41 +57o03'34".3  Error:0.3"  Mag:11.88  Ma
  gError:0.40  Band:1  Class:0  Plate:01W1  Flag:T  Epoch:04 NOV 1983
= GSC 3709-00849  03h03m53s.40 +57o03'34".3  Error:0.3"  Mag:11.51  Ma
  gError:0.40  Band:1  Class:0  Plate:036E  Flag:T  Epoch:11 OCT 1983
= USNO-A2.0 1425.04099502  03h03m53s.391 +57o03'34".88  Mag(R):11.5  M

Digitized Sky Survey GIF image (15 x 15 arcmin)


AAVSO VSX Database

ASAS-3 Light Curve

NSVS Light Curve (NSVS 1942509)

* Discovery Information

Seiichi Yoshida, MISAO Project; Nobuo Ohkura, Okayama, Japan; and Ken-ichi Kadota, MISAO Project, discovered a new variable star MisV1317.

It was picked up by Seiichi Yoshida from the candidates of new variable stars detected by the PIXY system 2 from images taken by Nobuo Ohkura, and confirmed by Ken-ichi Kadota.

* Special Notes

Kazuhiro Nakajima's observations revealed it is a beta Lyr-type (EB) eclipsing variable with unfiltered CCD variations of 11.90 mag at maximum, 12.70 mag at primary minimum, 12.12 mag at secondary minimum, and period of 1.28482 days (IBVS 5700).

Atsushi Miyashita caught the primary eclipse on 2008 Feb. 21 and confirmed that the ephemeris error is less than 5 minutes (light curve).

* Research and Publication

* Light Curve

Reports on New Discoveries
IBVS 5700
Nakajima, K.; Yoshida, S.; Ohkura, N.; Kadota, K.

* Observations by MISAO Project

1999 Sept. 28.7613111.6CKenIchi Kadota
1999 Sept. 28.7617511.6CKenIchi Kadota
2000 Mar. 1.5376011.56CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Mar. 1.5394611.67CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Mar. 1.5413011.68CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Dec. 25.4980011.69CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Dec. 25.4998511.61CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Dec. 25.5017011.64CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Nov. 14.6071511.61CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Nov. 14.6091311.57CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Nov. 14.6111011.60CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Nov. 22.5738912.26CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Nov. 22.5758612.25CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Nov. 22.5778212.20CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Nov. 22.5797912.25CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Nov. 24.5731311.72CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 1.6034611.59CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 1.6073811.56CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Sept. 30.7219611.99RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Sept. 30.7219811.93RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Sept. 30.7258812.01RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Sept. 30.7259111.91RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Sept. 30.7298112.01RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Sept. 30.7298411.89RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Sept. 30.7339511.87RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Sept. 30.7378911.85RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Sept. 30.7418411.97RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 3.7147511.95RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 6.6867511.89RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 6.6906711.89RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 6.6946112.03RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 14.6607611.89RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 14.6646911.85RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 14.6686211.87RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 14.6725611.87RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 21.6298411.73CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 21.6337611.62CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 23.6364611.59CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 23.6403811.61CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 24.6268511.74CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 24.6307911.75CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 27.6192211.63CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 28.6161111.69CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 28.6200311.64CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 3.6149811.65CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 6.5827911.61CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 6.5867111.65CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 7.5795611.63CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 7.5835011.64CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 8.5819911.72CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 8.5859311.65CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 12.5801511.64CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 21.5457411.67CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 21.5496611.61CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 24.5492611.70CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 24.5531911.62CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 25.5603811.68CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 29.4889911.99RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 29.4929311.84RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 29.4968611.89RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 29.5008111.91RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Dec. 14.4953411.99RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Dec. 14.4992711.94RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Dec. 14.5032211.98RcNobuo Ohkura

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