P/1996 R2 ( Lagerkvist )

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Updated on May 17, 2020


* Profile

Kazuo Kinoshita's calculation revealed that it passes extremely close by Jupiter in 1987, down to 0.0057 A.U., then the perihelion distance drastically reduced from 5.5 A.U. down to 2.6 A.U.

When it came to close to the sun for the first time in 1996, it brightened temporarily up to 16.5 mag in unusual outburst, and it was discovered. However, it has already returned to the original extremely faint state, fainter than 20 mag.

* Returns and Appearances

!Discovered *Appeared -Not observed #Appeared before discovery +Not observed before discovery .Returns in the future
2026 June 15
2019 Feb. 11
2011 Oct. 17
2004 June 7
! P/1996 R2
1997 Jan. 19


Information on the discovery and historical highlights are available at General Comet Info (Gary W. Kronk).
The past and future orbital elements calculated by Kazuo Kinoshita (http://www9.ocn.ne.jp/~comet/pcmt/j96r2.htm).


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